10 Years On – What We Know

I’ve been dreading this day all year.

10 years on from the ban on smoking in public and private places, the media are (no doubt on Gov instructions) bigging up the number of lives allegedly saved by this undemocratic action.

I’ve long had a major gripe about this as can be seen by my letter of 30th April 2007 which was shortlisted for publication in the Sunday Times. It can be read here.

As the new buzz phrase from the BEEB would have it this is “What we know”:

  1. Thousands of pubs have closed down with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and most in my hometown of Exeter have been converted into Luxury Student Accommodation, while scores of homeless litter the streets.
  2. The people who said that they would be going to the pub once they no longer had to put up with the filthy smokers are not going to the pub. They are going to the cafe bar which is JD Wetherspoon (or Witherspoons as my less articulate friends would have it).
  3. If Gov figures are to be believed, hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved by the ban, which might go some way to explaining why the NHS is crumbling around us; never mind the lack of funding and immigration. Hundreds of thousands of more people now dying a slower death from COPD induced smoking now need inhalers and other medication, costing the nation millions of pounds. Wouldn’t it have been preferable if these miscreants like myself had just died a natural death of their habit?
  4. Last but not least is the fact that the bastards under Blair who instigated this filthy ban under the orders of the EU did not ban it in The House Of Commons or their Private London Clubs. Is this what they call democracy?

This is what I know, and I can tell you I’m as pissed off today as I was 10 years ago……..

Over and OUT!!!!!!



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Fake News – Lazy Posters

Day after day now it seems that some people (mainly those who are too lazy to think for themselves) are posting sh*te on so-called "social" networks regarding either Muslims taking over "our" country or the admirable Jeremy Corbyn attending an IRA funeral or clandestine meeting.

Well, firstly it is not your country, my country or owt; the country is owned by the Chinese – check it out if you can be bothered. Alternatively, simply make up some scare stories about muslims planning to take over this green and pleasant land post them to your favourite anti-social network.

Over & Out.

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CBI – Lies, Lies and more lies..

The CBI has been taken to task by the admirable hardline questioning by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics, who pointed out that big business could be up to £40bn better off by staying in the EU – and schools and the NHS would be £40bn worse off. All down to wholesale tax avoidance. These people are liars, plain and simple……… #europinion