A Nation Of Selfish Bar Stewards

A Nation Of Selfish Bar Stewards

Across the globe the proletariat are rising up against bad governments and unjust laws.

It seems that, in today’s society, only the pathetic Brit’s are too self centred and cowardly to fight back. If it doesn’t affect their lives, they will happily ignore it.

Day after day the British public; in the press, on television and in the bars of every town and city complain about how unfair our society is. However, nobody aside from the peaceniks doing the climate change thing seem to give much of a fuck about stuff like Universal Credit and poverty in our society.

We used to be a nation of protesters; not any more it seems……….

Protests can be a powerful political tool for enacting change.

  • Currently, protests are happening in places like Hong Kong, Chile, and France, to name a few.
  • Despite each demonstration stemming from vastly different issues, many have common threads: citizens want to express their discontent with their current governments, from the “yellow vest” protests in Paris to Indonesian protests against a draconian criminal code.


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