Don’t get me started on:

  • Capitalism
  • Wankers who can’t hold their liquor
  • Celebrities
  • People who worship celebrities
  • Celebrity TV shows (get me the fuck outta there)
  • “Camp” TV Presenters
  • Popular Music
  • Social Media Bores
  • Political Correctness
  • Any Kind Of Correctness
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Gender Choice
  • Pride/Respect Festivals (because they have no respect for me and mine)
  • Tories
  • Fascists
  • Liberals
  • Loony Lefties
  • Real Ale Drinkers
  • Christmas & Bank Holidays
  • Bad Parents
  • Precocious Children
  • Doting Parents
  • Middle Class Wankers
  • Aspirational Middle Class Wankers
  • Chav’s
  • Wilful Ignorance
  • Poverty Porn TV (Skint & On Benefits, etc)
  • The Daily Mail & The Sun
  • Bullshitters
  • MLE (Multicultural London English) innit bro?
  • Petty Crime (or “craam” as the MLE crowd have it
  • Gangs and wannabe gangsters
  • White folks who wannabe black
  • Black folks who wannabe white
  • Drug Dealers
  • Avarice
  • University Students (especially those from Exeter University, the spoilt cunts)
  • Religions
  • The new Religion of Sport
  • Sport on terrestrial television (if you want this shit then pay a subscription)
  • The Smoking Ban of 2007 (I am not a smoker, but resent the loss of personal freedoms)
  • Baseball caps
  • Designer Clothing
  • False tits & vanity surgery
  • High Street Shopping
  • Small town mentalities (trust me, I live there)

…..to be continued…….

And believe it or not, I do have a far smaller number of Likes.


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