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Bouncing the Pigs

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your story "CONCERN AT SMOKING BAN AFFECT DOOR STAFF" (Echo 20th August 2007). Regular readers will be aware that this is not the first time I have sought to voice my opinion on this undemocratic and ridiculously unworkable law, and to this end I will continue to fight to oppose the ban.

This latest installment from Marcel Choules will come as no surprise to most smokers. Indeed, the main consensus among smokers wherever I go, is that smoking will simply be outlawed full stop before long. Anyone who frequents a public house will be well aware that a fair percentage of what is being smoked was not originally bought in this country. Therefore the government are naturally not earning as much tax on it, as it has alread been paid in the country of origin and distributed by the arrestingly named "tobacco barons". But I digress…

Mr Choules (sorry, Councillor Choules) states "One or two smokers get very aggressive and stroppy when I ask them to move away from the doorway or when they are asked not to take drinks outside with them at pubs".

Well, I'm sorry Mr Choules sir, but without condoning unruly behaviour in any way, if someone treats me like a pig for exercising my right to smoke, then I'm quite likely to adopt the manners of said animal. I'm sure you'll argue that you are only doing your job, but the underlying message in this report was that you are simply another fervent anti-smoker, who will happily see others humiliated and scorned to further your own personal agenda.

Landlord Paul Andrew hits the nail on the head in pointing out that ostracising smokers further would be "over-riding Government legislation".

This is the point that the whingers of the anti-smoking brigade should wake up to; you've got your law, now give us all a break and keep your own counsel for a change. Because if you don't, I might just have to blow some more of my horrible smokey bacon views in your pious faces.

Yours angrily…