eBay Services

I am a Top Rated eBay seller with over 98% positive feedback from well over 2,000 satisfied customers, and can help you with a range of services if you are using eBay to sell via an eBay shop. I am also a part of the eBay Partner Network and an eBay Development Partner.

Services available include:

    • Website design to showcase your eBay shop (standalone or integrated)
    • Connect your current website store to your eBay shop (add/update/revise etc)
    • Create a new website store and connect to your eBay shop (as stated above)
    • eBay shop design and listing template design
    • Just about anything else, just ask!


Selected websites from clients past and present.

eBay Demo
Here is an example of how you can showcase your own eBay store on your own website.

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