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Fat Cat Office Wallers

In reply to council leaders statement to consult local people on the size of next years council tax bill:

Dear E&E,

Brian Greenslade and his underworked/overpaid pen pushing office wallers will no doubt charge what they believe they can get away with come February 19th, irrespective of who they do or don't consult with.

No doubt all the old chestnuts will come out, especially regarding subsidised bus travel and how the nasty pensioners and disabled people are bleeding the younger and able bodied people dry.

Perhaps if they were to spend less money on ridiculous things such as policing the smoking ban, and those who might accidentally drop a cigarette butt in the street we could save enough to cover the Stagecoach bill.

Incidentally, could he perhaps tell us which local authorities say that they are getting a good deal from central government? I'm waiting with baited breath for his undoubtedly hasty response.