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Gordon Brown – Man Of The People?

Dear Editor,

I notice that incoming Prime Minister Gordon Brown states, "All decisions that we make will have to be built from an understanding of grassroots opinion. People will be more engaged in decision making," (Quoted from a BBC interview broadcast on Sunday 24th June).

Does this mean that, had Mr Brown fulfilled his lofty ambition of becoming PM a year earlier, the general public would have been consulted over the forthcoming ban on smoking in public places, as would have been the case in a true democracy?

I think we all know the answer to that one don't we?

And of course we could also dream of what might have happened with the situation in Iraq had Mr Brown got the top job 10 years ago………but I digress.

On a more optimistic note, I would like to recommend Echo readers who are similarly opposed to the smoking ban to voice their opinions and opposition at, a non-profit making website which has recently been launched to fight for the rights of smokers. Unlike the government, who have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on promoting their pro-ban website at, this website has a budget of exactly zero. In fact the tax revenue earned by the government for this website's hosting and domain registration fees is actually going toward publicising the very website to which they are opposed – now that's what I call irony