The Design Process

The simple 4 step design process for those requiring website design and development is as follows:

  1. You make contact with us using the contact form* on this site, stating your requirements. If possible please provide a budget, as we can quote for a range of services. Please remember that the prices shown on this site are “from” and do not include any add-on features.
  2. We will then reply to you to request further information and build you a prototype site  using the information you provide. This is usually done within 24 hours, and there is no obligation to purchase. We estimate 3 hours work for the design process of the prototype but this is not payable if you decide not to proceed.
  3. Once you have provisionally approved the prototype site we will then build the requisite pages with your content and give you a timescale for the work.
  4. If you are happy with us to proceed using the prototype, we will ask you to pay for the prototype as a down payment via our store. If you would rather pay by another method, such as bank transfer (BACS), this is no problem and we will provide details.

And that is how it works, no hidden fees, just fast, reliable and professional services brought to you at what is probably the lowest price in the UK today

*  We ask that you use the contact form as we need a written record of your requirements, and you in turn will receive a written (emailed) quote for the work required. This protects both the buyer and the seller from any future dispute on design or requirements issues and is industry common practice.

Prototype Sites Explained

By prototype we usually mean a blank site using a free theme and your required pages. Sometimes, as with our prototype examples shown below, there is content already included with the theme which you can modify yourself, or pay for us to do it for you by purchasing an add-on.

If you require specific theme features you can choose to pay for a premium theme/template, or we can sometimes adapt a free theme to meet your requirements. When we build a prototype site, please do not expect to find your own contact details or customisation, as it is only intended as a framework on which we can continue to build.

Prototype Examples
(Click the images to visit the prototypes)

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