Objection to plan will have no effect


Sorry John Mulberry, but I have to concur that your objection to the plan for a block of student flats in Well Street, St James, will get you nowhere, (A district ruined in the name of money, Echo, January 7, 2008).

The university rules this city and has done for a long while. Why do you suppose that local people cannot afford housing? Simple: the la-di-da, well-to-do uni crowd bump the rents up each year, as they can afford to pay through the nose.

The same goes for their parents who bump up the property prices by buying student homes for Tarquin and his luvvy mates. Good luck with your campaign against this anyway.

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I cannot believe your views on this!

Are you aware that to even consider buying a basic property in Exeter fit for a small family would entail a mortgage of around £150,000? This means that you need to earn around £50k per year to satisfy most mortgage providers, never mind the deposit. The average wage in Exeter for most people is very probably less than half this figure, so I can only assume that you are either in an extremely well paid job, or bought your property before prices went through the roof. I imagine that you are the sort of person who wishes Maggie Thatcher was still in Downing Street.

Perhaps you ought to think more carefully before spouting your mouth off about those less fortunate than yourself.

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Regarding the story Family of four cram into bedsit as city's housing crisis grows, Echo, July 12, it drives me mad to see the Echo publicising their case. In this instance the father works, they have two children and a dog!

Has anyone suggested he should get a mortgage like the rest of us?

It's very simple, if you want to live in a larger house get a mortgage and buy one, I had to. I have one child, one cat and a girlfriend and pay a mortgage, just like most people I know.

So someone needs to tell the father to sort his own life out and stop moaning to the newspapers.

Adam Norton

Haven Road, Exeter

(by email)

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