Fake News – Lazy Posters

Day after day now it seems that some people (mainly those who are too lazy to think for themselves) are posting sh*te on so-called "social" networks regarding either Muslims taking over "our" country or the admirable Jeremy Corbyn attending an IRA funeral or clandestine meeting.

Well, firstly it is not your country, my country or owt; the country is owned by the Chinese – check it out if you can be bothered. Alternatively, simply make up some scare stories about muslims planning to take over this green and pleasant land post them to your favourite anti-social network.

Over & Out.

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CBI – Lies, Lies and more lies..

The CBI has been taken to task by the admirable hardline questioning by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics, who pointed out that big business could be up to £40bn better off by staying in the EU – and schools and the NHS would be £40bn worse off. All down to wholesale tax avoidance. These people are liars, plain and simple……… #europinion

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Comrade My Feckin’ Arse

Find below an email just received from John Prescott (you know, the one who told us “we’re all middle class now” when the war criminal Tony Liar came to power in 1997).

The email is in support of Andy (Bug Eyes) Burnham, and the irony of the second word should give a good laugh all around when he’s knocking our man Corbyn:


Hello comrade! (We can still say that can’t we?)

I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and be brief.

This leadership election is nearly over, and it looks like it’s down to a choice between Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Burnham.

I was glad I encouraged MPs to nominate Jeremy to get him into this race because we really needed a debate on Labour’s future.

And what a debate it’s been! People are flocking to meetings, our number of members and supporters has tripled and there’s a buzz about Labour again.

But now you need to decide who’s the best person to lead us back to power in 2020.

And for me, that person is Andy Burnham.

From progressive renationalisation of our railways to integrating social care into our NHS, Andy has the ideas, experience and passion to unite this party and put our traditional values in a modern setting.

We need a leader who won’t just lead protests ON Downing Street. Andy’s the best candidate to march us back INTO Downing Street.

Because if we don’t choose a leader who can win in 2020, we’ll give the Tory’s another five years of misrule to hit the poor and dismantle everything we achieved in Government.

So if you haven’t yet, please vote for Andy today.

The future of our country and our party depends on it.

And you’ll make me happy too!

Thank you and enjoy your bank holiday.



How about you feck off back to your middle class gold bath taps Prezza? And, no you cannot still call me comrade you utter twat.

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The Glass House Government

Dear Editor,

It is with a heavy sense of irony that I hear in the news recently the plans of David Cameron to "crack down on benefit cheats". Surely this is a case of those in glass houses throwing stones.

Wasn't it just a short time ago that his own colleagues were in fact cheating their own benefits to the tune of millions of pounds?

Wasn't it also just a short time ago that his banker friends were receiving billions of pounds in bonuses while sending the country into recession? And isn't it just typical of a Tory government to start picking on the less well off to clear their own dirty debts?

I rest my case.

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You Do NOT Gov

How unique of Golden Brown to introduce the YouGov initiative.

You know, the bit where you can go on the Number Ten website and set up a petition to right an injustice and so forth.

Of course the fact is that we do not "Gov", or govern as it should be said.

No, Tesco and all the major corporations govern us, so please don't waste your time setting up or signing a petition, as it won't do you any good at all. If you really want to make a difference then go out and shoot the offending politician or whoever has rocked your boat because this is the only way you're going to make any f*cker listen to you.

God bless you Tony Martin and Peter Harvey for having the balls to actually DO something about your situation!

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