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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics


I am writing an open letter today in an attempt to seek clarification from someone on the effects of the July 1st smoking ban on pub profits.

On September 7th, the UK's largest pub chain, JD Wetherspoon, who's flagship pub, The Imperial is a local landmark in Exeter, issued a statement which read "JD Wetherspoon has delivered record results as the UK smoking ban failed to dent profits" (Source: CatererSearch).

Just 2 months later, on November 7th, it issued a statement which stated that "it remained cautious over trading after the introduction of the smoking ban in England dented sales" (Source: Reading Evening Post).

I am naturally a little bemused by this, and would like some kind of explanation from Wetherspoon supremo, and local resident, Tim Martin as to what all this means exactly.

Would it be cynical of me to say that the first statement was written for the shareholders, while the second one is a matter of public record?

On another note, now that the winter weather is finally with us, and the social lepers who choose to smoke are herded on to the street, or designated "dying area", I wonder how local publicans are faring. To request their comments through the E&E would be a trifle unfair, as few publicans will admit to having an empty pub, but perhaps there are those who will give us an honest answer?

I await the replies from them and Mr Martin with interest.

Note: This letter was not published in the Express & Echo, no doubt down to the official denotice on any pro-smoking malarkey by HM Gov.