New Generation

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When I wrote New Generation in the mid 1980’s, Margaret Thatcher was at her most powerful.

She’d sent British troops off to conquer the Argentinian reclamation of the the Malvinas Islands (known by British Imperialists as The Falklands) in 1982 and there was no stopping her.

During the years leading up to 1986, Thatcher had been responsible for God knows how many acts of evil against working class people in Britain. Riots had erupted in Brixton and across the country in 1981 and tens of thousands lost their jobs in mining communities across the land due to pit closures. A total of 97 pits were closed and the country was, as many a political commentator would say, the closest it had come to civil war in over 400 years.

The country was still rioting some 9 years after the Brixton Riots when Thatcher brought in the dreaded Poll Tax, which would eventually prove to be her downfall.

Thatcher also instigated what is now commonly known as the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and took to selling off the family silver to big business with scant regard for the rightful shareholders (the British taxpayers) of such companies as British Gas, British Airways and The National Bus Company.

Undoubtedly her most enduring legacy, which still haunts us today is the deregulation of the banking systems. The day the London Stock Exchange’s rules changed on 27 October 1986 was dubbed the “Big Bang” and life for the average citizen would never be the same again

It was no surprise in 2011 to see young people from the UK and around the world rioting in the streets against the major fuck-ups and crimes caused by their respective governments and security services. But most of all, look how long it took before the riots ensued once again; just months after the Tory/Lib Dem alliance took control of the country.