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Yippee, it’s time for the Games!

Oh, how I'm looking forward to the forthcoming "Commercial Games".

I guess the good old BBC will soon start the build up coverage, and then my life will be complete. I'm especially looking forward to watching that nice Tom what's he called and the other young competitors who feel obliged to put a question mark? at the end of each sentence.

I was really impressed with the young whipper snappers who, when interviewed on the goggle box, said they were going to be the next Bradley Wiggins, or Wiggers as he's known to us cyclists and train spotters. It's nice to see young folk having such realistic expectations these days, don't you think? Far better than wanting to make a career out of Britain's Got Jack Shit, or Big Waster.

God forbid they might just wake up one day and realise that a job sweeping the streets would be beyond their intellectual capacity; or was that "capacity?".


Old Fart