On the 1st May 1997 (Phoney) Tony Blair arrived with great fanfare and promise, but of course it turned out that New Labour was simply Old Tory and he and his cohorts continued the rot which had set in under his likely birth mother and tyrant, Margaret Thatcher.

After taking Britain into a phoney war in Iraq at the behest of his puppet master, George W Bush (Jnr), in 2010 the British public eventually lost faith and the dreaded Tories returned to power in a coalition with the weak willed Liberal Party.

Then in 2016 we had the opportunity to elect a truly socialist prime minister in Jeremy Corbyn, but socialism proved to be dead in the water after the labour backbone in the North of the country turned their backs on it, and elected yet another public school twat into Downing Street; don’t we just loved being ruled by our “betters” and calling them by the pet names (Maggie/Boris)?

The result of this can be seen in the Ken Loach film, “I, Daniel Blake” previewed above.

Not wanting to waste a vote, I will either vote tactically or, in the absence of any party dedicated to socialist beliefs, for the Green Party because in the words of Steve Earle: