Line Up

Founding Rat Patrol members were:

Paul (Pablo Alf) Alford (Guitar/Vocals)

David (Joe) Swinford (Drums/Vocals)

Andy (Mole) Coleman (Bass)

Rat Patrol’s manager was Phil (Pip) Hulme and their one and only record label was Sijenn. All studio material was produced by Len (Sizzle) Gammon.

Other members with varying degrees of service in varying guises of Rat Patrol were
(in no particular order):

Jeff Lyne
(Vocals/Lyrics/Guitar and Bass)

Dave Long

Gary Townsend
(Lead Guitar)

Greg Clemmet

Dave Goodes
(Rhythm Guitar)

Nick Hill
Terry (Tav) Moore

Occasional honourary members included:

Steve Bull (Mouth Harp)
Ray Beavis (Saxaphone)
Mad Hugo from Belfast (Saxaphone)
Dave Moore (Rhythm Guitar)
Joe Fitzpatrick (Synthesiser)
Steve (The Sherrif) Joyce (Bass)