Having not played a note “live” since 1991, I have decided that in 2019 it is time for me to return to my spiritual home of playing live in small venues – but this time it’s without the back up of my band – a daunting prospect I can assure you……..

Why, I hear you ask? Well, the Iron Lady was ousted by the public and her own party in 1990, and as the gig list on the history page will show, there was little more to be done at the time.  Tony Blair arrived with great fanfare and promise in 1997, but of course it turned out that New Labour was simply Old Tory and he simply continued the rot which had set in under Thatcher.

We now have the opportunity to elect a truly socialist prime minister in Jeremy Corbyn, and so, combined with the fact that I now find myself without a steady job for the first time since the Thatcher era, I have made it my mission to promote the politics of socialism once more and hopefully earn a crust along the way. Click here to download the current Labour Party manifesto.

Helped along the way by the Ken Loach film, “I, Daniel Blake” previewed above, as despite not having the moral high ground found in Daniel Blake, I have first hand knowledge of exactly what he had to deal with in this damning inditement of Tory Britain.