CE4 Clearomisers (Pack of 5)

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5 x CE4 Clearomisers

This Clearomiser also sometimes referred to as a stardust or CE4 clearomizer is designed to work with any 510 threaded ecig batteries and all eGo model batteries. It is completely sealed at the mouthpiece and at the bottom to prevent any leakage.

Completely sealed at the base and Manufactured from thick durable polycarbonate.

The thick top coil with a fat long wick ensures both wicks stay wet from natural vaping motions.

This Clearomizer is one of the most widely know and one we are all most familiar with. 

These Clearomisers come included with all eGo-t kits available from Central Vapors and are most likely also the same Clearomiser you received if you purchased your eGo-t starter kit elsewhere.

Note: When screwing on the mouthpiece, only screw it finger-tight. Over-tightening can push down the clear rubber seal inside the clearomiser, which can lead to leakage.


Filling/refilling the clearomizer:

Unscrew the clearomiser mouthpiece. Drip or syringe 1.6ml maximum (less if refilling as wick holds some juice even when the clearo is empty) into the tank while holding it at an angle slightly off vertical. Do not fill past the 1.6ml mark and do not allow liquid to enter the hole on the center post inside the clearomiser. Once filled, screw the mouthpiece back on, being careful not to cross thread or over-tighten.

Pack contains: 5 x CE4 Clearomisers

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