Cigarette Style ONE HIT Tobacco Smoking Pipe

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You can smoke any of you’re favourite herbs, tobacco or smoke-able substances in this amazing cigarette pipe, smoking pipe, tobacco pipe, pipe to smoke herbs or tobacco extremely easy one hitter and basic to use no need for a screen or any other extra accessories just pack in any herb, tobacco or smoke-able substance of your choice at the tip of the pipe where you would light a normal cigarette, spark it up and smoke away with pleasure.
The sleek design of our cigarette, tobacco, smoking pipe, tobacco pipe, herb pipe, one hitter pipe makes it look just like you’re smoking a cigarette so it is the perfect smoking pipe or smoking tool to smoke your favourite herbs or tobacco in public or any place, anytime.
No more rolling up your favourite tobacco or herb with rolling papers for a quick hit & ending up wasting much of your precious herb. This little beauty allows you to use exactly enough for one or two hits so no wastage or burnt taste from constant lighting.
1 x Cigarette styled smoking pipe
1 x Tamping Tool (Micro Screwdriver) with keyring attachment
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