eGo Batteries – 1100mAh – Various Colours

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eGo 650mAh and 1100mAh Batteries

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The classic 510 connection of the eGo battery never goes out of fashion. Even if you don’t care for the “retro” look, it’s handy to have one in your pocket as a backup battery for your usual device.

It’s always helpful to have a spare battery and this one is even better than the original. At 1100mAh, it will last longer and keep you vaping all through the day.

The nightmare of every vaper is to run out of battery, well that never needs to happen to you. Buy a spare to keep in your desk, your bag, your car and you never need to worry again. This 1100mAh battery is bigger, better and more powerful than before so it lasts longer and takes your vaping experience to the next level. Please be aware, this product is only available for delivery to customers in the UK

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