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The FV650 TANK was a revolutionary electronic cigarette when launched, which changed the face of vaping overnight. With all of the complications which can arise with modern devices, these little beauties have stood the test of time.

Traditional electronic cigarettes had a cartridge and atomiser system which, whilst functional, did not replicate accurately enough the sensation of smoking for many users. The FV650 TANK changed all of that with its unique fluid feeder system and Tank (T)-atomiser. The tank holds 1.1ml of fluid in a cartridge that also cleverly incorporates the vapour tube in a single reusable cartridge. The cartridge is held in the atomiser tube and the atomizer ‘spike’ connects to cartridge fluid to the atomiser heating element in a simple but extremely effective practical design.

The FV650 TANK electronic cigarette comprises of just 3 parts: the atomiser and cartridge as described and a rechargeable battery.

Screw the battery onto the atomiser, insert an e-liquid containing cartridge and you are ready to vape. Add in a charger for the battery and a user guide and you have all you need in a single kit! Just add your own choice of eLiquid.

The kit comes with:

  • 1 x FV650 Brushed Steel 650mAh battery.
    1 x Cone shaped T-atomizer with cartridge.
    1 x High speed USB charger.
    1 x Instruction leaflet and Luxury Zipper Case

Please be aware: the tank cap is designed as a one use only item. However most users will find their cartridge can be re-filled more than once. We only guarantee each tank cap for a single use. If the fluid appears to be leaking from the atomisers- it is more likely that the end cap has been damaged from protracted use and just needs replacing.

Replacement cartridges (510 carts) are available from this store at a very competitive price.

Click here to download the user manual for this product.

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