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Introducing the Click N Toke butane power toker, simply load the Click N Toke with your favourite herbs then click it and start smoking its that simple! 
The large burn chamber holds your stash, click the button to ignite and inhale as usual; when you are done put it in your pocket for later.
Smoking has never been easier with Click N Toke ! There is no need to have to “pack it up” every time you want a hit.
Forget about smoking left over clips that smell terrible. This device will save you time and will maximise efficiency so you get the most smoke without the waste.
Click-N-Toke is made of aircraft quality billet aluminium and feature a powerful torch lighter heat source that burns your herbs perfectly.
Just imagine this – no smouldering waste, you get every bit of smoke on demand!
The lighter portion can also be used as a standalone torch lighter, it is butane refillable and features flame power adjustment. The mouthpiece is comfort formed and features a unique clog resistant, pull threw proof carbon filter that purifies the smoke and keeps the mouthpiece cool to the touch.
Get one for yourself or buy one for a friend; this is the perfect gift for all smokers!
Product Features:
  • Height: 13cm (5.2 “) Approx 1\/2” Diameter
  • One Touch Personal Wind Proof Herb Burner
  • Refillable Butane Torch Lighter (needs to be filled first)
  • Adjustable Jet Flame
  • Soft Contoured Mouth piece
  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Portable and Easy to Carry in pocket or purse
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