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Stagecoach Lies Again

Stagecoach say that free travel for pensioners is costing them money (Letters 11th July 2008).

This is patently untrue, and I challenge stagecoach supremo's Anne Gloag and Brian Souter to prove it to be the case. As pensioners will be aware, Stagecoach charges single fares for all "free" fares provided to those entitled to free travel; return fares, which are often not much more than a single are not permitted.

I know from your letters column that I am not the only one in Exeter who feels that the service they provide (much of which is of course funded by Council Tax payers by way of subsidy on their "unprofitable" routes) is absolutely shocking and overpriced. So, stand up Stagecoach and give us the facts about how much money you are losing as a result of the free travel scheme. Maybe when the truth is revealed many Stagecoach drivers will stop treating those using a free travel pass as lepers and second class citizens, as is sadly often the case at the moment.