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Fascist State

On taking on the job, hapless Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated "All decisions that we make will have to be built from an understanding of grassroots opinion. People will be more engaged in decision making" (Quoted from a BBC interview broadcast on Sunday 24th June 2007).

It seems to me that now more than at any other time the British people are simply told what to do, and put up with it. I just hope that the students present take heed of his wise words. From what I see of much of todays youth, they are far more interested in getting on Big Brother or The X Factor than worrying about how their freedoms are being gradually eroded through what is fast becoming a fascist regime.

I blame this primarily on the fact that many (but not all) of todays youth have nevered wanted for much. Having left full-time education in 1978, a year before the dreaded Thatcher took office, I soon learned to take more than a passing interest in politics. I can remember the days when myself and many others of the same age (and younger) were taking direct action against the dreaded Poll Tax by standing up for (and singing about) what we believed in. Of course, there were always those who sought fame amongst us, but thankfully the songs myself and others were singing in the pubs and clubs up and down the country was highly unlikely to impress the likes of Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell.

To this end, I propose that what Britain needs today is a musical revolution, as in the words of a not so famous punk icon, "governments alone can't cause such distress without the people who let them get away with it". At risk of upsetting many of your younger readers, no I'm not suggesting that watered down junk such as Coldplay suddenly start wearing bondage trousers, but rather that the youth of today get off their lazy backsides and start writing lyrics that actually mean something.