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The Vision in 1,000 Words

We are all born equal; equal that is to others who are in the same situation as ourselves, in the same place on earth, of the same colour and gender, and to the same social class – and that’s where the equality ends as things stand.

As we grow and make our way through the journey of life, we are all expected to obey the laws of our country of residence, which of course is not always the country of our birth.

But what if we did not need to declare our country of birth at any time during our journey? What if all birth certificates and other official documents simply registered us as citizens of planet earth? That is a citizen who is:

  • Free to live on any part (country) of the planet
  • Free to choose their religion (if so desired)
  • Free to declare themselves Capitalist or Socialist (because these are the only true options)
  • Free that is, to be free based upon one’s own decisions

There is a way to facilitate this, although I am of course aware that the powers who ultimately control the way we all live would not allow this to happen without a total world revolution. My vision is as follows:

As things stand, and as they have always been, we are required to declare ourselves part of our state of origin. Therefore our first step, as mentioned above, would be to abandon this tribal nonsense, which only causes wars and injustice for all. In short we need an alternative to the current New World Order, and my proposal is probably the most radical (many without vision will, of course say ridiculous).

The way forward is simple to write, and probably impossible to achieve. It is based upon the 2 things which divide us all, and have done for many thousands of years – Money and Religion and my 10 Steps To Peace & Harmony go like this:

  1. The world must firstly be divided into Capitalist, Socialist, Religious and Anarchist continents and countries.
  2. Each continent, with the obvious exception of the Anarchist continent should have an overall leader, which would be a rotating position shared by the individual leaders of each country within that continent.
  3. The leaders of the Capitalist continents must live (as they do now) in the manner of the financially richest in their country, to enable them to show their citizens what can be achieved in a capitalist society, and to give aspiration to their citizens.
  4. The leaders of the Socialist continents must live in the manner of the financially poorest in their country, to enable them to experience life as a common citizen, and to treat others as they would treat themselves.
  5. The leaders of the Religious continents must live in the manner of their respective religions, for if they are to be believed, religion transcends all else.
  6. There can, of course not be any leaders of the Anarchist continents as they can live in any way they see fit, as Anarchy by its very nature has no laws or boundaries, in many ways like Capitalism, it is the survival of the fittest – a Darwinians paradise in fact.
  7. At the age of 16, all citizens will be able to choose which country to spend the rest of their lives in. Should at any time during their lives they decide to change their mind, they will have the option of relocating to one of the other continents at one time only during their lifetime (known as the Right of Defection) If not abiding by the common laws of their chosen country, they should be relocated to the Anarchist continent by default. Prisons, as we know them will no longer be necessary. Holding centres will contain offenders pending relocation.
  8. All continents will have the right to procure weapons of defence, but not of attack. An example would be airborne ‘blocking‘ devices which would make such weapons obsolete. These could be in use today, but with the global arms trade raking in billions in revenue, the major countries would never consider making them available.
  9. All continents will have countries in both the northern and southern hemispheres to facilitate (as far as is possible) equal distribution of climate, mountains, deserts and other natural features and resources
  10. Citizens would have the right to travel to any country within their continent, but travel to a foreign continent would be forbidden, except in the case of surrendering continent citizenship through either the Right Of Defection law or through expulsion to the Anarchist continent due to crime committed.

It is plain to see here, that living one’s life within your own ambitions, morals and beliefs is beneficial to everyone. Those who have financial ambitions will be most at home in the Capitalist continent, those who have socialist principles will choose the Socialist continent, those of religious persuasion can rub shoulders with fellow believers on the Religious continent, and if they choose to disagree then at least they are not harming the other continents in doing so. In fact, chosen co-existence of religions would go a long way toward such religions understanding others beliefs.

The Anarchists, of course, have it all ways, but at a price which citizens may or may not think worth paying.

But what if I am Capitalist/Socialist or Anarchist and also a Muslim/Christian or Jew, I hear you cry. Well, religion transcends all else, so you would naturally choose the Religious continent.

Many will think the above 10 steps to be somewhat ‘Stalinist‘, but this is not the case. Living in a so called ‘free society’ comes at a price, and a price which many citizens are simply not prepared to pay:

  • Why should those with simple values and expectations be forced to live alongside those who’s only aim is to control and possess?
  • Why should those who have no religious beliefs suffer at the hands of zealots.
  • Why should those who believe in the Capitalist system pay, or for that matter, receive social benefits?
  • Why should those who choose to break the law live alongside law abiding citizens – unless of course their ‘crimes’ are a result of a social injustice enforced by an unjust government?

Feel free to comment citizens……..