Website Hosting

This is the bottom line when it comes to your business as second only to your domain name, it is the single most important component of any online business.

I offer “bomb proof” web hosting on a range of servers from Contabo, a company based in Munich, Germany, who are simply miles ahead of the competition. Founded in 2003, Contabo has established itself as one of the leading web hosting companies in Germany and operate two data centres in Munich and Nuremberg and their product portfolio includes a variety of VPS plans and dedicated servers as well as web-space plans.

My WordPress Hosting package comes with:

  • Disk space: 10Gb
  • Traffic: 100Gb
  • Domains: 1
  • Domain aliases: 5
  • Mailboxes: 5
  • Mailbox size: 100Mb
  • Mailing lists: 5
  • Additional FTP accounts: 5
  • Databases: 1
  • WordPress sites with Smart Update: 1

You should also consider a Secure Certificate for your website. I would strongly recommend installing a secure socket layer (SSL) on your website. In fact if you operate a site which requires any kind of login, it is pretty much mandatory or your visitors will see an “Insecure” message in the address bar.

Google are much more likely to favour your site in organic search results if it is secure.

High end certificates are targeted at companies with large budgets. They require complicated legal verification procedures and operation history that are just excessive for someone who needs a simple SSL for a Facebook app or login page.

Comodo Positive SSL certificates don’t require complicated validation and are usually available for use within a few hours. I do not need any personal information from you for this service.

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